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Do you want your own logo on the warmers? Or want a special color with some effects? Almost anything is possible, we will try to make your dream tyre warmers real.



We only use the best quality materials for our fabrics, wire, element and insulation layer. Our warmers are made to last and keep your tyres at optimum temperature every time.

Few interesting facts

How to warm your tyres correctly?

For all common motorcycle racing tyres, 80°C is the optimal temperature for riding / racing. Before going on the track you need to heat more than just the outside of your tyre.

Slowly slowly young lad. Race on the track not on heating tyres!!!
It is recommended by most tyre manufactures to use tyre warmers for 40 minuets to one hour prior to riding. When rim is warm you are ready to race!

Proper heat distribution is essential to evenly heat the entire tyre, including the carcass, the air inside the tyre and the rim.
We use a special kind of element heating wire and insulators that distributes the heat more even, faster.