We are a small team based in Czech Republic, right in central Europe. Tyrex was founded by Rostislav Zavrel 14 years ago, when he started circuit racing. The market for tyre warmers was very limited at this time. Rostislav (an electrician by trade) decided to make tyre warmers for himself. After several attempts, he made a very good set of tyre warmers, his friends loved the finished product, more and more started asking for them. As orders started growing, Rostislav decide to found a company called Tyrex, which is a combination of tyre and his favorite movie X-Men. Rostislav resigned from his employment and started to concentrate on Tyrex full time. During the following years he tried to develop more features like stretchy side fabric, to keep warmers well positioned on the tyre, and was the first to used this technology.

Tyrex products are now widely used and known in top motorcycle championship’s WSBK and MOTOGP. Also in the Motovudu coaching project run by Simon Crafar. Rostislav himself rides on track, so he fully understands what riders need and want. He listen’s to all feedback from different areas and needs of riding, from Gp Teams to Trackday novice riders. In this moment the range of Tyrex products contains not only warmers, but also quick shifter’s and some accessories for motorcycles. The team is composed of people in the development department, where they work hard on new features and improving stable products. The other side is the Manufactory department where a few very skillful people make the products by hand, which is very important for this kind of product due to the intricate stitching and element routing. Tyrex’s aim is to bring a top quality product to market, with possible customization and personal approach at a fair price.


Best material

We only use the best quality materials for our fabrics, wire, element and insulation layer. Our warmers are made to last and keep your tyres at optimum temperature every time.


Personal customization

Do you want your own logo on the warmers? Or want a special color with some effects? Almost anything is possible, we will try to make your dream tyre warmers real


Free international shipping

We offer free shipping for all orders to anywhere. Are you living in New Zealand? No problem. The price is final so no stress about shipping